About Us

BestBooks4Less is the one of the best book store in Victoria. BestBooks4Less has many stores across Victoria selling a large range of  general books, stationery plus specialising in student text books.

Many changes were made to the business model over the early years with the most dramatic being stock ranging. With a focus on stability of sales, service and profitability it became very apparent the old Book srore range did not work. During the early years BestBooks4Less moved away from stationery and student text books and embraced bulk quantities of hugely discounted product that saw BestBooks4Less define a unique market in this area while still offering a full range of new releases and general books.

Through good and bad retailing conditions the company has taken a slow to moderate growth path that has ensured stability and strength, never over extending and always ensuring the staff are the best around. Amandeep Kaur Chatha is the Marketing and Development Officer. She is look after all paper work and budgeting.

BestBooks4Less's commitment to customers has ensured an extremely strong following, offering the best loyalty program in the industry, massive savings off current titles and a well laid out shop that is always neat and tidy. Display presentation mixed with theme sales promotions is also very important.

The future is bright for the industry and with more new locations on the horizon BestBooks4Less will continue to be a major book retailer in Australia.